A Global Justice Movement for Change


Social Change Coalition (SCC) is a grassroots Global Justice project fostering an Agent of Change mindset among individuals and community groups.  We do this as leading Change Agents supporting a Movement for Global Change.


How does SCC promote a Global Justice Movement for Change?

We act as a bridging agent to cultivate Global Justice which embody the values of equity, liberation, inclusion, unity, holistic wellness & justice through the creation, facilitation & implementation of community spaces & individual activation opportunities that foster storytelling, and utilize an ARTivism (Art Activism) approach. This Movement for Change fosters a variety ways to get activated, highlighting personal/group resiliency through the development of an "Agent of Change" mindset. Opportunities for personal transformation, provides fuel to "cross the bridge" into a Global Movement for Change.  

What is Global Justice ?

Our work is rooted in the belief that all humans are part of a Global Society, thus in order to create social change rooted in Justice, we must actively engage in collaborations & move in solidarity WITH others (both domestically and across national borders), with a purpose and mission to shift and redesign current cultural norms for the benefit all humanity. 

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