A Movement for Global Change

An ACTivation Approach

Fostering Global Justice

An ACTivation Approach

Our unique ACTiviation approach fosters ways to get activated within this Movement. We create & facilitate experiences that act as a framework to foster an Agent of Change mindset while practicing core skills needed towards a Movement for Change.

Community Building

Fostering Global Justice

An ACTivation Approach

ARTivist forums that focus on storytelling methods elicit healing, elevate voice and recognize unique personal & cultural group resiliency set the stage for building community, the impetus towards taking local and trans-national collective action. 

Fostering Global Justice

Fostering Global Justice

Fostering Global Justice

Our goal is to facilitate Global CHANGE through our Global Justice  Movement. This movement's vision is to promote cultural shifts that encompasses equity, liberation, inclusion, unity, holistic wellness & justice for all citizens and life forms on this planet. 

Our Global Justice Initiatives

ACTivating the ARTivist Within Initiative

ARTivist Fair popup fair series

Our Community ARTivist Pop-up series is a special curated place supporting steps 1-3 of our Agent of Change mindset, bridging art & activation together in a transformative experience to create and elevate unique ARTivism expressions.
Experience ACTivation through featured LIVE art installations & artist performances, open mic sessions and interactive art opportunities. Community businesses and artisans offer unique conscious consumer trinkets, services and goods which offer opportunities to enhance skills in renewing/reusing, decolonizing  the mind/body while accessing holistic healing and wellness needed to promote a healthy Agent of Change lifestyle in connection to many of our Global Justice Campaigns.

Conversations for Liberation Initiative

Community Conversation Circles

Our dialogue-driven community groups discuss a variety of topics, exploring many of our Global Justice Campaigns aimed at elevating voice & activating self-expression in order to offer opportunities to experience steps 1 & 2 of our Agent of Change model. 

Personal/inter-generational healing and wellness is fostered using our transformative storytelling ARTivism approach

Protecting Mother Earth Initiative

Collaborations with community groups supports our Global Justice Campaigns #1, 2, 4 & 6 by engaging in collaborative action to protect Mother Earth, activating steps 2-4 of our Agent of Change Model

Stand in Solidarity Initiative

Lending Tree Library 

Our free community lending library promotes steps 1-2 of our Agent of Change model. A collection of children's and adult books can be borrowed for up to 30 days. (available only to Los Angeles & OC area at this time.) 

Monthly Share n Swap Free Market

This special curated space is meant to combat the current housing crisis caused by gentrification by promoting the notion of commUNITY in alignment with our Global Justice Campaigns #2, 5 & 7.  We do this by shifting the notions of sharing excess resources as a caring collaborative community, creating a culture of liberation & love by ensuring we and others may always receive the resources we need. Opportunity to activate all 4 steps of our Agent of Change mindset model, this free market is all inclusive. 

Come join community as we stand in solidarity sharing, swapping & smiling.

StART in the HeART Initiative

Calls to Action

Our  vision to re-design cultural norms as part of a community of Change Agents, offer direction & foundation for our 7 Global Justice  Change Campaigns.  We activate our capacity to support these campaigns, and engage in all 4 our the Agent of Change mindset steps by participating each month in our Calls To Action! 

Moonlight Meditation:

Transformation Third Thursdays

Join us for this special monthly community virtual event using both the moonlight & nature sounds to bring us into meditative bliss in support of our Global Justice Campaigns #2 & 3. Our moonlight meditation aims to activate steps 1-2 of our Agent of Change model, focusing on personal & collective transformation.  

Leading Agents of Change

We do this as a leader in building networking bridges of collaboration across various organizations & groups by countering current silo-driven practices.

Get Involved


Join our Team

Your membership and/or volunteer support furthers this movement for Global Justice into new communities across the Globe. 

We are an all inclusive community always looking for new faces and open hearts to join our team. 

If you are passionate about creating Global Change at the local or international level we'd love to hear from you!

Membership/volunteering offers you,

1) updates & engagement opportunities on projects initiatives

2) links you with local Global Justice movements taking place near you!

 3) exclusive access to special curated ARTivist events

 4) unique mentorship/skill building opportunities from our project Lead & Founder 

 5) enhances your Change Agent skills 

As an autonomous coalition of Change Agents, we appreciate your monetary donations to continue this work and as part of your membership. Donations can be made using VENMO @SocialChange or over the phone using the SQUARE.