Cultivating an Agent of Change Mindset

What does SCC do?

We specialize in creating experiences for our users that activate an Agent of Change  mindset. Our unique approaches are ALWAYS INTERACTIVE, honoring the role storytelling plays as a main vehicle for experiencing true and lasting personal and collective transformative liberation. 

Our forums are highly collaborative and include:

  • ARTivist expression 
    • 3D, visual, performing or musical art forms
    • collaborative with local & international artists 
  • A strength-based approach
    • We believe each Global Citizen possess skills often gone under-acknowledged & unnoticed. We focus our work to honor the resiliency in all people, in all places. 
  • Conversation Circles
    • Informal dialogue-driven community spaces aimed at building upon strengths, elevating voice & highlighting resiliency.
  • Community building
    • Our focus on collaboration-focused  activities offers opportunity to bridge gaps of perceived difference among users by developing solution plans for cultural conflict while promoting personal/collective wellness and unity.
  • Formal workshops, training courses & coaching services
    • A focus on building Agent of Change skills through organizational, professional, collective or personal development. 
    • Action Planning 
  • Holistic Wellness
    • We integrate both internal and the external community/natural practices (micro), while concurrently place value on the systemic systems that impact wellness (macro).
    • Mind/Body, social/communal, spiritual 
  • Special curated ARTivst Global Justice events, art galleries, lecture panels, seminars & film premieres.

What is ARTivism?

ARTivism = Art Activation & Activism 

ARTivism is an approach to storytelling, linking artistic expression with a message of justice, equity, wellness & liberation.

What does 'ARTivist expression' mean?

ARTivist expression uses various storytelling methods including arts, music, movement & wellness practices such as meditation, to express a story with a purpose to activate engagement in creating social change. 

Who is an ARTivist?

At SCC we view being an ARTIST with the same level of diversity as life species on our planet. Embodiment of an ART ACTIVIST identity is highly inclusive, and represents any person who uses art as a vehicle for sharing personal or collective expressions of social/political/ environmental justice as an act of activism. 

SCC further encourages ARTivists to utilize their ARTivist expressions towards supporting  Movements of Change. 

Tri-Level Approach

Social Change Coalition utilizes a Tri-level approach that offers many opportunities to shape an Agent of Change mindset & foster participation within "Movements of Change" for ALL citizens across the Globe

  1. At the Community Level, Change Agent practitioners are a community RESOURCE.  Donation-based  community events, resource sharing & collaborations are provided in a variety of outlets in order to 1) build upon personal strengths, 2) locate & elevate VOICE and 3) highlight resiliency  
  2. At the Systems Level, Change Agent consultants provide consultation through coaching, professional development training & action planning. Focus is on expanding knowledge & action taking within a Global Movement for Change.
  3. At the Macro-Level, Policy Advocacy & Research is used to promote, support & inform trans-national public policy to redefine social norms that provide more social, economic & psychological equity.

SCC's pedagogical approaches are driven by the mission of Global Justice by promoting equity, liberation, holistic wellness & justice. Change Agent practitioners engage within this mission in order to harness and enlighten the power of "conscious social awakening", reflected within personal and collective resiliency often gone unnoticed and under-acknowledged, used to create Global Movements of Change. 

Community Level Collaborations

Identification & inclusion within particular cultural groupings often experience heightened forms of social stigmas. Social Change Coalition honors the role these groups play in creating social change. While we are an all inclusive, non-discriminatory coalition, particular emphasis is placed upon our collaborations made with these communities;

  • Class Discrimination/Non-conforming housing status
  • Elder
  • Discriminated Sexual Identities
  • Gender/non-conforming Gender expressions
  • Institutionalized Persons 
  • Race/Ethnic 
  • Youth 

Systems Level Collaboration

Social Change Coalition's Systems Collaborations are offered in aligned with our economic solidarity mission

Our diverse coalition of Change Agent practitioners within our network & activation users come from many walks of life yet possess a shared vision to co-create a world where liberation, democracy & holistic healing and wellness are of value. 

The scope of work with each community/user is uniquely tailored and crosses various professional/social sectors. 

We provide an Agent of Change focused consultation in the following markets:

Advocacy Groups


Community-Lead Meetups

Education (ECE, K-12 & Higher Ed)

Elder Programs

Individualized One-on-One Coaching

Mental Health & Differing Ability Levels  


Specialized services for marginalized groups

Youth Programs

Macro-Level Action, Advocacy & Collaboration

We are currently working to advance &  expand our Research Team.

Stay tuned for collaborations & partnering systems aimed at promoting Public Policy. 

Change begins with YOU


Economic Solidarity

Social Change Coalition's work is grounded within the philosophy of solidarity. We are deeply committed to challenging economic marginalization & exclusion. We desire to promote an alternative model that supports economic relationships which contribute towards a cultural norm of inclusion, solidarity & economic sustainability. 

At SCC, our work counters current norms which label people as simple "consumers" and services as "products" to be purchased and owned. Instead we engage in the idea of mutual generosity by “giving what you can, and taking what you need”. We do this as part of an affirming community of co-creators and collaborators with a  mission to transform ourselves and our world as Agents of Change. Since sharing is a basic form of solidarity, it is our hope to offer our work NOT as a mere service to be purchased, but in acknowledgement of knowledge to be gained & built when working in collaboration, thus sharing economic resources towards this purpose within the basis of economic solidarity.  


SCC's Donation-Based consultation services are rooted in the spirit of a solidarity economy by which each relationship we enter into engages with a mutual agreement that asks to give what you can, so that we may support you and others take what you need. 

Contact us for more information on specific contractual arrangements made within the spirit of economic solidarity.