In honor and celebration of Women's History Month we encourage the following Calls to Action. Join in personal action steps by committing yourself to one or all of the following Calls. Together we can create a Movement of Change. 

  • REFLECT! What does femininity mean to you? How have gender norms influenced your personal story? How does this story inform the injustices & privileges associated with gender norms? 

  • ACKNOWLEDGE a womxn who has made a positive impact in your life.  
  • FIND a local or international gender equity group and attend an event, research their work & let them know your thoughts. 

  • SPEAK OUT when hearing/reading/observing gender bias either in person or on social media outlets.


In solidarity of Earth Day we are focusing on the topic of Environmental Justice during the month of April. This year's theme, "Protect Our Species"  informs this months Calls to Action.

Join us in committing yourself to one or all of the following CALLS. Together we can make progress in this Movement of Change.

  • REFLECT! Reflect on what environmental justice mean to you? What role do other Earth species play in your life? How does this inform what "Protecting Our Species" means for you? 

  • FIND local community justice groups & legislative campaigns that focus on informing and changing current exploitative norms. 

  • ACT OUT!!  Commit to countering current exploitation practices. 
    • Boycott & expose industry businesses that exploit humans and animals for profit such as slave trades, human trafficking, unfair wages, animal farming, animal amusement parks, ect.
    • Reduce pollution of land, oceans & water sources which harm the wellness of life sustaining resources on the planet.  
      • research and read up on the latest New Green Deal legislation aimed at combating Climate Change. 
      • reduce use of single use items
      • refill & reuse  
      • repurpose "trash" into storage containers or fun a 3D art activiy 
      • recycle
      • No foam! Long Beach is one of many cities going Foam Free. 
    • Reduce your fossil fuel footprint. Do this by:
      • Going vegan!  
      • Carpooling or using non-gas fueled vehicles 
      •  Reducing your consumption of plastic, for this month by 1/2 with efforts to going Plastic Free


This  month we focus on the collective needs of all humans, to feel a sense  of belonging and access to resources that bring forth BodyMind health  for all.


Our Call this month is in connection to 

Mental Health Awareness Month and World Day for Cultural Diversity in Dialogue & Development, on May 21st. We explore these aspects of wellness and how it is a deep part of feeling included (or not).  We do this to spark connection to our Global Justice Campaigns #3 and #7.  

Join us by partaking in one or ALL of these Calls of Action.

  • REFLECT!  What does wellness mean to you? Where in your body do you feel the  impact of being well/unwell? How do you know you are well? What does  BodyMind Wellness mean to you?
  • ACKNOWLEDGE  the process and access to wellness is dynamic, and thus not two persons  will experience BodyMind Wellness in the exact same ways. Honor your  unique ways by showing yourself kindness, and taking the time needed to  explore this. Also, find your community and build unity among those whom  support your wellness. 
  • FIND  local and virtual resources to support your overall holistic wellness.  Consider new places to seek out needed resources, and expand your  network. Some aspects of your wellness to consider include:     
    • Access/lack of access to sustainable healthy housing 
    • Environmental factors that impact overall health, such as toxic air, pollution, access to clean water, ect
    • Media consumption and benefit to decolonize the mind
    • Nutrition/Food Security and benefit to heal the bodymind 
    • Social Support Systems and the benefits to feelings of inclusion & compassion
    • Spiritualism and access to BodyMind wellness
    • Stress/Trauma (self and inter-generational)  
  • ACT  OUT! Once you have reflected, and uncovered some of your needs, decide  what aspects of wellness are currently being met, and which ones need  improving. Commit to acting towards one activity during this month that  promotes your healing & holistic wellness 



This month we focus on our connection to Mother Earth's water resources by acknowledging the unique dynamics gender play within this process.

Our Calls this month are in connection to  World Ocean's Day June 8th, linking our Global Justice #4 & 6

Join the Movement for Change by participating in any of the following Calls to Action. 

    • What role does the ocean & water sources play in your life?
    • How does your gender influence these interactions (or lack thereof)
  • ACKNOWLEDGE the need to build greater ocean environments by interlinking diverse ways to promote gender equality in ocean-related activities  such as marine scientific research, fisheries, labour at sea, migration by sea and human trafficking, policy-making and management.
  • FIND 
  • ACT OUT! Commit to enhancing your knowledge regarding how we can collectively move towards sustainable water systems & participate by making a pledge   


July plays on the vibrations of summertime, being out with friends & family sharing time, love and stories. 

Our Calls for this month are in connection to World Listening Day theme of listening WITH taking place on July 18th, and within the interlinking aspect of Global Justice Campaigns #2 & 7 .

Join this Movement for change by partaking in any of the following Calls to Action. 

    • This month's reflection uses inspiration from Annea Lockwood 's composition entitled "Listening With". 

                                "Listening with …

                                 the neighborhood

                                 at midnight, and again at dawn.

                                 Listening with an awareness  that all around you are other life-forms 

                                simultaneously listening and  sensing with you – plant roots, owls, cicadas,    

                                 mutually  intertwined within the web of vibrations which animate and 

                                 surround our  planet. "-ANNEA LOCKWOOD 

  • ACKNOWLEDGE the power listening has on bridging feelings of life purpose, connection & love for all the planet's life forms. 

  • FIND new ways you can engage deeply within your ability to listen. 

  • ACT OUT! Commit yourself towards listening more & talking less. Exercise this "muscle" by engaging your auditory focus more deeply.
    • Take a walk in nature! Put away the phone, and focus on the feeling you gain from listening to nature & life forms around you. 
    • Build closer connections by sharing stories! Engage someone new in sharing stories. Focus on your skills to truly listen to the story of your peer, moving to be fully present in the place and person whom you are with.
    • Listen WITH! Using the theme as a backbone, explore the many ways you "Listen with", practicing new ways to engage and enhance this skill. 

Tag your efforts on social media #WLD2019 #Listeningwith #AgentofChange


This August we place recognition on the immense knowledge found within Indigenous values and practices. 

In alignment with Aug, 9th, International Day of the Worlds Indigenous Peoples, this month we reflect upon, and lean into the wisdom found in indigenous values, acknowledging what can they teach us to address current sociopolitical injustice, promote holistic wellness & raise consciousness through decolonization of the BodyMind. We do this by interlinking all 7 Global Justice Campaigns. 

Join this Movement for change by partaking in any of the following Calls to Action. 

    • Do you speak an indigenous (traditional) language? if so how does this foster your life? If not, what benefits might this skill offer you?
    • What does being indigenous really mean?
    • How might using indigenous knowledge support global unity, collaboration & overall health and wellness?
  • ACKNOWLEDGE the power of indigenous knowledge, both shared within culture and communicated cross-culturally, as a core foundation to address current global environmental, social & political issues, in order to provide long-term reconciliation of oppressors/deficiencies and promote global unity & equity through collaborative engagements.   

  • ACT OUT!  Support indigenous people, languages and knowledge systems in the following ways
    • Listen to music in an indigenous language  
    • Build closer connections to ancient practices by listening to the  stories of elders! 
    • Take time to seek out, identify & familiarize yourself with the ancient practices, language(s) & knowledge of your ancestors.  

    Tag your efforts on social media #Indigenousknowledge #ChangeAgent   




September recognizes the importance of democratic participation as a core element from which peace can reside.  We do this in alignment with Sep. 15th, International Day of Democracy & Sep. 20th International Day of Peace, by interlinking all 7 of our Global Justice Campaigns

The theme of "Participation" as central to democracy is further elaborated by the theme of climate actions in an effort to combat climate change. We do this as Agents ready to protect Mother Earth and promote peace across the Globe.

Join this Movement for change by partaking in any of the following Calls to Action. 

    • What does democracy mean to you?
    • How have you experienced peace?
    • What role do you play in the creation and experience of democracy & peace for yourself, your community and the world?
  • ACKNOWLEDGE the role democracy & peace provides as a natural environment for the protection and effective realization of human rights, and global liberation.  
  • FIND resources, organizations and community groups that promote democracy which is equitable, inclusive and participatory. Here are a few to get you started:
  • ACT OUT!  Activate your participation in building a more democratic peaceful society. There are may ways to do this. Here are a few ideas, but remember we each play a role so explore what stage you are in &  what resources you have to lean on. Then, partake in any small or large ways. Together we can create change by raising consciousness within, and sharing it through actualized democratic actions and peaceful living.  
    • For Self: Meditate, self- reflect (write it down!) and engage in activities that allow you to explore what these topics have meant and currently mean, to you.  
      • Focus on the notion of peace as you "look" inward.
    • For Community: Link up with a local or international group to discuss what & how democracy shall be expressed in context of your environment. 
      • What is the most crucial societal reality that requires addressing in order to build a democratic society?
      • How does peace as a value inform our definition and action steps regarding democracy ?
    • As a Global Citizen: Identify where your values regarding democracy & peace overlap. Begin to act in ways both within and with others, that align with the interconnected nature of peace and democracy.
      • Focus on the notion of UNITY, seeing the interconnected nature of all things on this planet. 
      • Find your "entry point" & link up with support networks so you are ready and capable to take action in support of these values. 

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October explroes the momentum of change created by LGBTQAI+ activists. This month's Calls honors LGBTQ history month, in alignment with our Global Justice Campaign 2 & 7

Join our Movement by involving yourself in any of the following Calls to Action. 

  • REFLECT! What does inclusion mean to you? What role has the LGBTQ community played in your life?
  • ACKNOWLEDGE the achievements of lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender icons, or community members whom have paved the way to discuss, explore and honor the unique experiences of the LGBTQIA+ community. 
  • FIND and seek out the stories of LGBTQIA actors. 
  • ACT OUT! Thanks to the leadership & persistence of many amazing activists inclusion is becoming a more common practice across the globe. But there is still work to do. Share the knowledge you learn as you reflect and research. Act as an ally by supporting local LGBTQIA+ spaces. 

#GlobalJustice #LGBTQhistorymonth