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Economic Solidarity

Social Change Coalition's work is grounded within the philosophy of solidarity. We are deeply committed to challenging economic marginalization & exclusion. We desire to promote an alternative model that supports economic relationships which contribute towards a cultural norm of inclusion, solidarity & economic sustainability. 

At SCC, our work counters current norms which label people as simple "consumers" and services as "products" to be purchased and owned. Instead we engage in the idea of mutual generosity by “giving what you can, and taking what you need”. We do this as part of an affirming community of co-creators and collaborators with a  mission to transform ourselves and our world as Agents of Change. Since sharing is a basic form of solidarity, it is our hope to offer our work NOT as a mere service to be purchased, but in acknowledgement of knowledge to be gained & built when working in collaboration, thus sharing economic resources towards this purpose within the basis of economic solidarity.  


SCC's Donation-Based consultation services are rooted in the spirit of a solidarity economy by which each relationship we enter into engages with a mutual agreement that asks to give what you can, so that we may support you and others take what you need. 

Contact us for more information on collaborations are made within the spirit of economic solidarity.

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