Fundraiser Goals

Fundraiser Goals

Our active fundraiser goal for 2019 is $11,000

Proceeds fund the following projects:

Free Community Conversation Circles

Ensures gatherings are funded with materials needed to sustain access to all community members & allows SCC to travel to new community neighborhoods (both nationally & internationally). 

✦ Youth Community Advocate Scholarship
Three $500 scholarships will be available to community youth advocates whom create a sustainable community-engaged group/space that supports a Global Justice movement. 

✦ Global Justice Community Leader Ambassador Club
This grant offers two $500 grants for contributions made within the community over a 6-month period. 

✦ “I Raise My Voice” Program
This one-time $100 gift is eligible to community members who utilize their “voice” towards social justice civic engagement action. 

✦Compensation for Collaborations with ARTivists 

Allowing paid compensation for artistic collaborations during our events. 

✦Expand our Global Reach
Establishment of 2 new collaborative partners in order to support trans-national movements of change.

✦ Enhance Community Action Research to link data with Global Movements 

2018 launch Party


Thank you Greenly

Special Thanks to Greenly Art Space, a 501 3(c) art gallery whom partnered with us to host this amazing event.


Artivist Gallery

Besides the amazing gallery on display at Greenly, our founder wanted to offer a unique vantage point of art, linking Social Justice in meaningful ways. Our special one-day gallery curated 26 unique art pieces by partnering with 10 local arts. 


To all the amazing Gallery & Performing Artivists, as well as donors & participating allies that made our Launch event a huge success... Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! 

Aaron Hernandez 

Alex Huerta 

Ashley Moon 


Crafty By Ana 

decolonize daily 

Dr. Noosh 


House of Couture  



Jerome Fletcher

Juanita Chase de Lamont 

Kara Wall  

Ken Cosby 

Kim Tabay 



Chef Kyle at Market Lovr 

Recycled Propaganda  

Ryuji AKA Peace by Vegan 

Two Tribes Pottery 

Wild Moon