Our Campaigns

1. Reduce. Renew. Reuse. Recycle. Respect Mother Earth

  • reduce/eliminate use of plastics, foams & other non-bio-degradable materials/liquid solutions 
  • support renewable, sustainable energy sources 
  • practice conscious consumerism by reduce overconsumption, buy fairtrade globally & locally sourced sustainable 
  • reuse, renew, repurpose!

2. Enhance Compassion, Liberation & Equity for ALL living beings on this planet

  • shift cultural norms which dissolve the systemic oppression caused by racial, class, gender, sex, speciesism & any other stigmatized group status
  • enhance holistic well-being that evokes compassion for self & all others
  • expand ideas of wellness that are inclusive, transformational & relationship-focused
  • expand cultural resiliency by identifying & honoring the strengths found within all living beings on the planet
  • promote liberation of the entire earth life population 

3. Expand Social Consciousness & Decolonize the BodyMind

  • develop a critical consciousness by sharing knowledge & stories of systemic sociopoltical oppressors, through forums to engage in dialogue with others
  • evoke storytelling & creative expression during ARTivist forums in order to allow a critical consciousness to unfold
  • promote a multicultural local & global sense of self 
  • Deinvestment in imperialist corporation markets & RE-INVEST in fair-trade, eco-friendly sustainable markets
  • DISRUPT MONEY & VOTE with YOUR dollar! Research who you're giving your economic resources to, learn their values on equity & justice and how its diverted into alternative markets.

4. Sustainablly Healthy Air, Land & Ocean  Systems

  • Equitable access to healthy water
  • Equitable access to clean air
  • Equitable access to sustainable food

5. Sustainablly Healthy Housing Systems

  • shift current norms regarding land ownership & the disproportionate access to safe, equitable housing 

6. Diverse Trans-national Collaborative Alliances

  • reflection of cultural diversity among Change Agents, found in various disciplines, global regions & nationalities

7. Unity

  • create shift in cultural norms which are the cause for people & communities to work in silos
  • create bridges that network alliances whom promote a global multicultural community & represent cross-cultural, trans-national collaborations.

Visions into Actions

Our vision to re-design cultural norms as part of a community of Change Agents, offer direction & foundation for our top  7 Global Justice Change Campaigns. 

Find out how you can participate each month with our Calls To Action!

Join Our Global Community

Become an Agent of Change

Our work is rooted in the belief that all humans are part of a Global Society. 

In order to create social change rooted in Justice, we must actively engage in collaborations & move in solidarity WITH others (both domestically and across national borders), with a purpose and mission to shift and redesign current cultural norms for the benefit all humanity.