Our Vision

Our Goals


Integration of our Tri-Level approach sets the foundation to embody an Agent of Change mindset which fosters: 

A Movement for Global Change

Increasing our users capacity to act within a Movement for Global Change is actively engaged through collaborations in solidarity WITH others (both domestically and across national borders), with a purpose and mission to shift and redesign current cultural norms for the benefit all humanity and earth life forms. A value of Unity accomplished through diverse collaborations supports the values of Global Justice

Creating a unified Collective POWER

 We believe that true change cannot happen in isolation of the sociocultural and political contexts in which communities live, nor without the creation of a unified power of cross-cultural collaborations established within Movements of Change. A value of collaboration, compassion, cross-cultural dialogue and action steps set the foundation for creating a unified power in alignment with our Global Justice campaigns.

Raising social consciousness & promoting wellness

Raising social consciousnesses regarding the pervasive nature of social inequities that exist is created through the opportunities for reciprocal, ongoing and reflective storytelling forums for both individual and community groups which focus on:

  • dialogue-driven and/or ARTivist focused forums which aim to highlight cultural resiliency 
  • exploring the pervasive social stigmas that exist within communities of color in order to promote cross-cultural conversations of equity 
  • co-construction of action steps needed in order to create social change by re-designing cultural norms that promote inclusion, democracy & justice for ALL citizens.
  • fostering the importance of our BodyMind Wellness through self-care/self-love practices, holistic health & access to both social, political and psychological resources.

Public Policy Advocacy

Access to longitudinal evidence of community-level social change impact  We foster these goals through our actions steps taken to support our  Global Justice Campaigns.

"It takes a Village.... "

The old adage "It takes a village.." is truly an accurate passage. 

Advocacy and building ally relationships in order to shift systems of inequality & re-design cultural norms that promote Global Justice are only possible when we honor the various sources of knowledge that exist within our society, and engage intentionally towards becoming an Agent of Change.

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