Our Purpose

Mission Statement

Social Change Coalition’s mission is to facilitate GLOBAL Social Change realized through the construction of a Global Justice Movement. Believing that all citizens across the globe are Agents of Change in the making, our unique ARTivist approach fosters an Agent of Change mindset by bridging diverse allies together with the intention to support a Global Movement for Change found within Cross-Cultural Unity & Action Taking.  We do this to address the deficits that exist within current silo-driven practices, values  and cultural norms. 

We believe that social change can and will occur when individuals 

as well as collective groups, are afforded the opportunity to be heard and given the tools needed to take action. 

Our unique ARTivist approach informs the creation of community forums that cultivate and express equity and transformation

the basis from which movements of Change can begin.  

Guiding Principles


Social Change Coalition's work is guided by four core principles:

1. Compassion

2. Building upon Strengths, Locating and Elevating Voice, & Highlighting

3. Collaboration

4. Taking Action

The four core principles that guide our work offer us purpose to create forums that prompt social change action at both the individual / group-level 

and at the larger, local community and Global macro-level.