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Founder & Project Lead

Krisna Escobar, M.A.

Third generation Mexican-American, Krisna was raised in California's Central Valley. Rooted in her family's history of colonization, she has witnessed first-hand the stigmas associated with class, age, race and gender. Her passion for exploring narrative stories as a means to create social change informs her belief that all people are GLOBAL CITIZENS. This belief has motivated intentional praxis building aimed at enhancing social consciousness of the many social injustices that exist. Her travels around the globe as an International Psychology student have highlighted diverse global realities that exist and have complimented her innate desire to resist social injustice, and re-imagine a more just Global society.  

"My pedagogy, and core praxis is build upon the teachings of educators such as Paulo Feire, leaders & philosophers such as MLK Jr., Nelson Mandela and activist & writers such as Bernie Sanders, Angela Davis, Noam Chomsky, Michael Moore, & bell hooks. My work is primarily centered upon the philosophies of Positive, Indigenous & Liberation Psychology. It is within the principles of compassion-building, recognizing cultural resiliency, the embodiment of cultural competency, the value of personal narratives, collaboration and a willingness to be an ally and advocate, that have most inspired me to develop this grassroots project. It is my hope to add immense value to the communities I live, work and love."

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."

-Nelson Mandela

Ally Partners

Erika Tovar


Virtual/East L.A

Erika is a holistic healer & yogi

She joins our team in support of our GJC#3. 

She shares, "BodyMind Wellness means being grateful in all aspects of my life. Being aware and grateful for our physical health while being gentle with our body allowing it space for yoga and healthy organic foods that will nourish the entire BodyMind. It is also about being aware of my thoughts and mental space,  by recognizing old patterns and  behaviors, accepting them & allowing space for meditation and other holistic rituals to release any old patterns and behaviors that do not serve us. I experience this by allowing space for my spirit soul (my divine self) to come to light along with my many gifts (artistic expressions), faith and spiritual beliefs."

Community Engagement & Outreach Organizers



Team Lead, Southern California

L.A & OC, Ca

Jalen  is currently a graduate student of philosophy and teacher’s assistant  at California State University Los Angeles; specializing in  social-political philosophy and the philosophy of education. Born and  raised in Brooklyn, New York, Jalen’s passion  for social justice is rooted in the first-hand experience of the  impoverished conditions of his home and the unjust gentrification of his  community. This reality has instilled in Jalen a commitment to pursuing the realization of global egalitarian institutions and a one-family/cosmopolitan mentality. 

Thusly, Jalen’s  work is dedicated to highlighting the power of compassion, namely it’s  crucial role in perpetuating social progress and it’s role in promoting  the flourishing of all types of intelligences. 

Marketing & Media Engagement Team



Lead Media Marketing Campaigns Coordinator 

Volunteer Video Editor/Director/Producer  

The Power of Three...


Three core pedagogical values guide the work of each Change Agent practitioner, and informs the use of the following strategies in ALL our work.

1) A strength-based relationship-focused approach 

2) Macro & Micro Human Systems approach to Holistic Healing

3) Cultural Competencies